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Sauereisen | Corrosion-resistant coatings for concrete

Distribution and Training | Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Alabama

Sauereisen since 1899 has been dedicated to solving the problems requiring specialty materials. Our main areas of expertise are the restoration of infrastructure and the prevention of corrosion with polymer concretes and monastic coatings.

Sauereisen offers a comprehensive selection of corrosion-resistant materials for new construction and restoration applications. Our organic materials offer low permeability and withstand chemicals from both sides of the pH scale. Similarly, our inorganic products offer superior resistance to the highest acid concentrations and temperatures through 2,000°F.

Sauereisen corrosion-resistant products are grouped into the following main categories: Coatings, Linings, Flooring, Polymer Concrete, Refractories, Mortars, Substrate Repair and Accessory Materials.