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Safe Surface Solutions

Time is money, safety is demanded, and increasing structural longevity is important during Plant Turnarounds. Sponge-Jet surface preparation was the chosen method for blasting a vertical tank during a maintenance shutdown at a chemical plant in south Louisiana. The plant’s Operations, Engineering, Health & Safety, and Quality Assurance professionals preferred the benefits of using Sponge-Jet’s dry, clean and reusable media compared to other conventional media. plant turnaround

Benefits of Using Sponge-Jet Systems during Plant Turnaround:

  • Low dust and low ricochet allowed other operations to work within close proximity to the blast site
  • Utilized multiple Integrated Sponge-Jet Systems to increase productivity and decrease deployment time
  • Able to achieve a targeted anchor profile to ensure longevity of coating
  • Minimal containment to capture recyclable media
  • Enhanced worker safety and minimal environmental impact

Worker safety, proper planning, and utilizing the right equipment are essential factors to consider during a plant turnaround. Blast cleaning with sponge abrasives benefit the infrastructure of the tank, making it more profitable and less problematic, while maximizing coating life and reducing future maintenance costs. Sponge-Jet technology can help reduce overall shutdown time therefore ramping up plant production sooner than expected.

Equipment used for application: https://www.spongejet.com/product/b-vac-pro-4/