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We have the expertise and equipment for all of your blasting, tank cleaning and spill containment needs.

The world’s leader of clean, dry, low dust, reusable surface preparation media and equipment

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Boost productivity and boost your bottom line with rotary impingement tank cleaning

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Our main areas of expertise are the restoration of infrastructure and the prevention of corrosion with polymer concretes and monastic coatings

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Low Dust Abrasive Blasting and Tank Coating and Cleaning Products

Welcome to CleanCut

Cleancut, LLC provides specialized brand-name equipment and products, such as Sponge-Jet, GamaJet, and Sauereisen, to the entire Gulf Coast region. We pride ourselves on providing professional equipment, products and services that will get the job done.

Cleancut, LLC was formed in 2001 when we saw the need for the low dust, recyclable blasting technology of Sponge-Jet in the Gulf Coast region. Since our inception we have been a top distributor for Sponge-Jet with one of the largest Sponge-Jet rental fleets in the country. In 2010 we added the Sauereisen and GamaJet lines to compliment the offering of the Sponge-Jet technology. Our Headquarters is located in Lafayette, Louisiana.